The Temple is Complete.

Cia cov tubtxib saum ntuj hais lus. 

Echo en of sky

El futur ├ęs a les nostres mans.


The Immortality DNA is deep inside the Matrix. 

The New Golden Age of Information

 is ahead at the next Prime location.

All your hard work will be paid off. 

Prepare yourself to be enlightened to the fullest.
Space is the Final Frontier. 

Fasten your seat belts because this is A [TOM] Bomb.

The Awakening begins.
You will go deeper than Mariana's Web After this point.
You Have Been warned.

I was chose to come to represent all that is good.
It is my time once again and I do need your help.
I can only be here for a short time and the glitches ahead are all prime.

If you do not fix the error the world will be doomed.

You are only given this.
HEXA+EBC 685809fbe0bdccc524c34782ffdf3a37 Serpent (7)

11 Days. 11 Nights.